The expert swimming pool builders in Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

The Pool Specialists Pty Limited offer a wide variety of pool, & spa service to our clients in "Lake Macquarie", "Newcastle and the Hunter Valley".  Please call for our design team to meet and discuss with you the pools location, locate and discuss any existing services that may be of concern, discuss your pool ideas and requirements, answering many questions that you may have in regards to any matter at all involving your new pool. Our staff and contractors are some of  the most experienced pool builders  in the business!  Years of experience. Call us today to arrange a site consultation!

A quality pool to suit your budget. Please consider The Pool Specialists Pty Limited provide a total costing on a chosen design and then consider your options as to your budget.

Our pools can be built up against fence lines, houses, alfresco areas, all customised to your surrounds. Some of the types of pools you may consider include a combined plunge pool and spa, An attached spa or an infinity pool for that elegant modern look. You may want our pool builders to add a combination of some of these special features:

  • Fully Tiled Pool
  • New Design Concepts
  • Water features – fountains, waterwalls etc.
  • Spa separate to pool
  • Blue Glass Pebble Company - range of pool interiors
  • Jewels 4 Pools, Natural Australian Blend of fine grade pebble

Affordable solutions

Handover On completion.

When your pool is complete our pool care technician will explain in detail the balancing of your pool water and discuss the general maintenance to care for your new pool including the instructions to operate your filtration system and chosen cleaning system purchased as part of your detailed contractual agreement. 

Equipment and chemical supplies.

We offer a heavily discounted pool items to our customers for all relacement parts when required, All types of pool equipment and pool chemicals can be purchased at our office and storage facility here at Whitebridge.

Our suppliers of pool filtration, chlorine & chlorine free systems,cleaning equipment and     chemical supplies are as listed.

Waterco Pty Ltd - filtration, chorination, the latest in Multcyclone filtration lighting, Eco pumps and waterpurifing systems.

Poolstore International - filtration, chlorination and chemical supplies.

Paramount - infloor cleaning systems and replacement parts.

Pentair - filtration and the latest in energy efficiency pumps.

Zodiac - filtration and the latest in pool cleaning. MX8, Baracuda and the latest AX10 pool suction cleaner.

Aquaquip - filtration and pool cleaning equipment. Jetvac , booster pump and                            flow controller.

Puresilk - freshwater purification.

Astral / Hurlcon - filtration, chlorination and in house automation.

Spa Electrics - pool lighting, landscape lighting.

Davey - filtration, chlorination and aggricultural supplies.


Pool with a view!

MBA Award Winning Pool for 2012 - Under $80,000k - "Nagle Project"

At The Pool Specialists Pty Limited, we design a pool incorporating the features you want, prepare detailed plans for submission and submit them to you for approval or alteration. Once you are satisfied with your design, the plans are approved by local authorities and excavation of your site is then started by our expert pool builders. Our pools are reinforced with steel for maximum durability and safety, ensuring that extra value will be added to your Newcastle property for years to come.